Enjoy delicious food and have a good time at our amazing restaurants

The restaurant is set up on a cliff with a magnificent panoramic view of the ocean and the coral reef. Enjoy a bird-eye view of the local dhows sailing by as you have a tropical breakfast including fresh fruits and juice, eggs the way you like it and homemade bread. The large open building with its makuti thatched roof is a welcome oasis during the heat of the day.

For lunch and dinner our restaurant offers traditional, continental and vegetarian dishes prepared from local produce. Fresh seafood is also available daily. Sip on cocktails as day eases into balmy night. Feel the true magic of this place during romantic candle-light dinners and watch the moonlight reflect on the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean. A typical Zanzibar Swahili tasty dinner with local food, local dancers and drumming is held once a week on our private Bao Beach. This is something not to be missed!