The Michamvi Peninsula is located on the southeast coast of Zanzibar. The 10 kilometer long and 2km broad headland stretches out with Chwaka Bay in the East and the Indian Ocean in the West. As there are only a handful of hotels in this pristine area, you can enjoy absolute tranquility. The only sounds you are likely to hear are the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean and nature itself.

Chwaka Bay is part of the Jozani Forest-Chwaka Bay Conservation Area. The coral rag zone is home to wildlife species of international significance including the endemic and near extinct Zanzibar leopard (P.pardus adersii), the red colobus monkey (Procolubus badius Kirkii) and the Ader duiker (Cephalophus adersii). The conservation area harbours five important vegetation zones: ground water forest, coral rag forest, salt marsh, mangrove forest, and sea grass beds. Trips exploring the nature with a local guide can be organized by the hotel.

On the peninsula's ocean side, there is a long barrier reef approximately 1km offshore. Diving and snorkeling trips at the reef can be arranged with us. Swim between the large coral formations and schools of tropical fish and witness life under the sea! You may also rent snorkeling equipment from the hotel and explore the lagoon yourself at your own leisure. Mnemba Island is a popular coral reef diving spot of international importance. We can arrange trips to Mnemba which is just off the northeast coast of Zanzibar.

The winds and the ocean currents constantly shape the beaches. From the end of December until the end of May the powder white sands get "stolen' and the coral rocks get uncovered but luckily nature brings it all back during the other months. The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town which can be reached in approximately 80 minutes. On the way you will pass Jozani Forest, famous for its red colobus monkeys. If you are seeking for nightlife, the village of Paje is only 20 minutes away.